Akkineni Akhil’s destination wedding with Shriya Bhupal CALLED OFF?

Nagarjuna’s son Akhil Akkineni engagement to Shriya, granddaughter of industrialist GVK Reddy, in December last year has been called off?. They have ended their engagement months before their destination wedding in Italy. It was reportedly Akhil and Shriya’s decision.

Sources close to their families disclosed that both families have mutually called off the wedding and guests, who were to attend Akhil and Shriya’s destination wedding in Italy, have been informed about the decision and asked them to cancel their tickets.

“Messages went out last Saturday to guests to cancel their programme. No reason was given. Those who were about to book tickets were advised not to go ahead. Even the tickets booked by both families have been cancelled,” a source says and One of the invitees told, “All was well until last week” to a leading daily.

In fact, all the arrangements had been done in Italy, including hotel and travel bookings. Both families have booked their tickets. At least 700 guests were to be flown in – top industrialists and top stars from Bollywood and south were to be present. Everything was planned out, It seems to be a last minute decision.

Akhil and Shriya had been seeing each other for almost two years before their engagement. They met each other at an event a couple of years ago, but they revealed their relationship to their parents just last year. They got Engaged on Dec 9th and months before the marriage they called off.

However, the families have neither disclosed the reason for calling off the wedding nor have they released an official statement on the matter.